Decorative & Fine Arts Society

How is this achieved?

A team of volunteers is working at ST BLAISE CHURCH, HACCOMBE.   Records follow a standard strict format so researchers can easily find what they are seeking. They are divided into nine categories: memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, paintings, library, windows and miscellaneous. Recorders usually work in pairs on one or more of these sections. The final record is then compiled with photographs.

When the Church Record is completed copies are distributed to:

  • the church
  • the diocese
  • Council for the Care of Churches
  • Victoria & Albert Museum
  • National Monuments Record Centre#

The interiors of our churches contain a wealth of beautiful and fascinating artefacts, often of historical interest. Until The Arts Society Church Recorders were established in 1973 no complete or central records of church artefacts existed. The aim of Church Recorders is to provide an accurate and complete inventory of the church’s contents with detailed descriptions, measurements, background and photographs.

Who can be a Church Recorder?

Anyone with an interest and enthusiasm. Training is given by experienced Church Recorders and help is available from a wide range of experts, reference works, internet and study days.