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13 February 2020Leonardo da Vinci The Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci: A Surgeon's View
09 January 2020The Art of the Hero Commemorating Scott of the Antarctic
12 December 2019Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor A History of their Jewellery
14 November 2019Tribal Rugs and Dowry Weaving Antique Treasures of the Black Tents of The Persian and Central Asian Nomads
10 October 2019Van Gogh What Really Happened at the Yellow House in Arles in 1888
13 June 2019Art in 19th Century Venice
09 May 2019"The Paths of Glory" - Art and the Great War
11 April 2019Medieval Illuminated Book of Hours
14 March 2019Lee Miller and Picasso
14 February 2019A History of Western Painting in 12 Pictures
10 January 2019Rescuing Zeugma from the floodwaters of the Euphrates
13 December 2018Sound the Trumpet
08 November 2018The Paintings of the Newlyn and Lamorna Artists
11 October 2018SS Great Britain From Launch to "re-launch"
14 June 2018The History of the Harp- from Mediterranean Antiquity to 20th Century Europe
10 May 2018They were done on the lid of my box on my knees as usual": Constable's oil sketching techniques, c.1808-29
12 April 2018Norman Rockwell: Great American Artist or Mere Illustrator?
08 March 2018Masonry, Manuscripts and Music: An Inspirational Journey through Medieval England
08 February 2018Adventures in 3 Dimensions: 20th Century Sculpture in Britain
11 January 2018John Opie: The Cornish Wonder
14 December 2017"A Child of Six could do it!" Cartoonists and Modern Art
09 November 2017Kilmt and the Viennese Secession - "A Kiss For All The World"
12 October 2017The Art of the Japanese Garden: from Tradition to Modernity
08 June 2017Marc Chagall. Wandering Jew or Citizen of the World?
11 May 2017Life and Times of A Sundial - A Perspective on Civilization's Most Enduring Timekeeper
13 April 2017Messerschmidt's Heads-Expressionist Heads by a Baroque Sculpture
09 March 2017'The Master' : Noel Coward as Writer, Actor and Painter
09 February 2017Posters of the Belle Epoch, the Great Age of the Poster
12 January 2017Oscar Wilde and the Cult of Beauty - The Aesthetic Movement
15 December 2016That Pretty German toy - the Christmas Tree
10 November 2016The Role of the Arts in the cycle of Crime, Prison and re-offending
13 October 2016The 'New' Berlin-Art and Architecture
09 June 2016Faber and Faber Its designs and history
12 May 2016The Cult of Gloriana : Art, Music and Personality at the Court of the Virgin Queen
14 April 2016From Colebrookdale to the Crystal Palace Art, Design and the Industrial Revolution
10 March 2016Gold of the Gods of South America and the Search for El Dorado
11 February 2016Durer: The Italian and Northern Renaissance
14 January 2016Monasterium Resurgens : Realising a Vision in Stone
10 December 2015Charles Dickens Conjurer
12 November 2015The Vikings : Raiders, Traders & Invaders
08 October 2015The Greatest Collection of all Time : Behind the Scenes at the Art Fund
11 June 2015‘Downton Abbey’ revealed – The story of Highclere Castle. Involving Parliament, Horses, Egypt, and not forgetting Grumpy Dowagers
14 May 2015‘A Pot of Paint in the Public Face’
09 April 2015The Politeness of Princes, the Reality of Medieval Etiquette and Table Manners
12 March 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars: a lecture marking the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo
12 February 2015SHOCK! HORROR! PROBE” The art and artifice of Fleet Street
08 January 2015The Punch and Judy Show (A subversive symbol of the Commedia Dell Arte)
11 December 2014Star of Wonder Star of Light
13 November 2014From Turkey to Trifle : (A History of Christmas Table And Customs)
09 October 2014Fizz and Crackle : John Singer Sargent and his critics
12 June 2014Murder and Modernism : Walter Richard Sicker and the Camden Town Group
08 May 2014Monks and Cannons : Daily Life in the Medeaeval Monastry
10 April 2014From Phaetons to Phantoms Coachwork Design in the 19th and 20th Centuries
13 February 2014Jack Tar
09 January 2014G F Watts and the Watts Gallery, plus Watts Memorial Chapel
12 December 2013The Exotic in English Architecture
14 November 2013Photographic Odyssey: Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition Captured on Camera
10 October 2013Verdi and Victoria Cultural Icons

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Leonardo da Vinci The Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci: A Surgeon's View Guy Rooker Thursday 13 February 2020

Guy Rooker is a retired surgeon with a lifelong passion, fascination and admiration for the work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

This talk explore the way in which Leonardo acquired his knowledge of anatomy from experience through extrapolation to human dissection and ties in with the chronology of his travels and well known artistic achievements.  It is illustrated with examples of his anatomical drawings and reflects the extraordinary accuracy of his findings.